Resting in the Lord

In a society that is filled with seeking faster and better ways of getting things done, it is difficult to quiet our minds, hearts and spirits to rest in God’s love and peace. Especially in a world that expects everything to be done in an instant. Waiting is perceived by some as doing nothing, or a waste of time because nothing ever happens when you wait. I believe waiting is so important and it SO worth it.

The other morning God was talking to me about rest. How important it is. At first I was thinking, “Rest? I just got to the base and I am planning to work.” but then He said, “No Merideth I mean rest with me, be still in my presence.” So I did, I just sat there along the beach listening to worship music and watching the massive ocean. I just sat there and listened, waited for God to speak to me about something. Then I felt His presence and that is when it hit me, I am not waiting for anything. I am just resting and soaking up His perfection. And I am more than okay with that.

There is a song called, Called Me Higher by All Sons and Daughters, it talks about just sitting and waiting for God’s presence. The first few verses are I could just sit, I could just sit and wait for all your goodness hope to feel your presence. I want to be led by Jesus, wait for him to speak and just sit in his glory. Resting in the Lord feeds the spirit and the mind. Just giving time to God and trusting that He is leading you in the right direction even if it doesn’t make any sense.

God will always wait for you. He has never stopped desiring you and wanting you. He will wait forever for you. His love and patience is incredible. So I will wait on his timing for my life and for him to speak. I will wait there and be satisfied by resting in Him if there are no words spoken. He deserves that from me, he deserves my whole life, my everything.

I asked God what He has for me in this next season. He told me to take one step at a time, and the word for right now is rest. He wants to come closer to me, He wants me to rest in His arms and nothing else. He wants to speak my every thought to Him even though He already knows them. I want to be vulnerable in front of the King, because He will never leave me. I never have to even have a thought of Him rejecting me or not loving me anymore. He has waited before for me to find Him and He will do it all over again.

Resting in the Lord is so important, today take some time out of your day to just talk to God, and ask Him what he wants to speak to you today. Or just play worship music in your car and think about how vast God is and how mysterious and wonderful His being is. We have a God that will never leave us and will never stop pursuing us. That blows my mind away whenever I think of that. Like He wants a relationship with me? He sent his son to die for me? WHAT! His being will never stop to amaze me.

Waiting and resting is important.

God deserves our time and much more.

There is no fear in love, do not be afraid of Him

Rest in God’s peace and let Him take your stress away.

~ Merideth

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