Being Worthy

Worthy, being worthy. How can me, Merideth be worthy of a perfect God’s love?

That is something I did not even realize I was thinking and believing until God revealed that to me.

Last week we went on our annual staff retreat, get away from the base and unite more as a family and with God. We play games, worship, and have a speaker that talks every day.

In worship in one of the first few days, God spoke 3 words to me that made me cry. And I mean sob. Those 3 little words made me realize how I have been looking at myself. They made me remember that my God is a God who cares so much about me. Those words were, “You are worthy.” Just those little words, broke something in me that day. I AM WORTHY! I am so worthy of His love! I realized how I have been putting myself down more, and being ashamed again from things from my past. Not letting God heal me, not letting Him in because I did not believe I was worthy for His love. But I am! I am worthy! God has freed me, changed me. I am a daughter of the King.

Worthy to me means being acceptable, deserving respect and love from another. I know I am worthy, worthy of other people’s time, worthy of respect. But when God spoke those words to me is when I realized I have not considered myself to be all worthy with God and that I deserve God’s love and his compassion.

When I asked myself why, why did I feel this way, why did I not feel worthy in front of the King, the answer came to my head. The shame from some things from my past have been coming up again and I haven’t been bringing that to the Lord. I have been hiding it because I thought to myself I have already dealt with this, so this is nothing. Satan can bring those things back up and if you don’t do anything about and just let it linger then it can cause insecurities to come out.

I challenge you to ask yourself that question, do you think you are worthy of God’s love?

Because YOU ARE! YOU ARE SO WORTHY! He will never stop loving us. Ever.

Staff part 2

Here is YWAM Mazatlan Staff! Thank you so much for reading this and being a part of my journey here! I am praying and asking for some more monthly supporters. Living here is all volunteer and to support myself I trust in God to provide awesome people like you to help me in this mission! Anything would be awesome! if you give me $5 a month, then that will help me buy my monthly toothpaste and floss for the month, or to help me do my laundry every week for a month! Every little that you give helps a lot in my life! Please think and pray about it!

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